Fleet Servicing

fleetHaving trouble keeping your car fleet at full strength? We know how difficult it can be. Coordinating with the fleet manager and arranging for repairs, sending cars for maintenance at proper intervals, keeping the log books up-to date, upholding warranties and having essential services performed can be overwhelming.
Regular maintenance and repairs are very important if you want to keep your fleet moving. Coastwide Car Service can perform a number of services on your fleet. Intelligent scheduling ensures that most of your fleet remains on the road at any give time. When you engage Coastwide Car Service for fleet maintenance we ensure the following.

  • The fleet is well maintained
  • A well maintained fleet is more reliable and contributes to better cash flow.
  • Repairs are quickly performed
  • Our facility is fully stocked. No waiting for spare parts and other items needed for repairs.
  • Warranties are upheld
  • If a car is not serviced as and when recommended by the manufacturer certain warranties can get void.
  • Running costs are minimised
  • The fuel efficiency of the fleet will increase.
  • Resale value is optimised
  • If you ever decide to sell the car, because the car has been regularly maintained it will attract a better price.
  • When you engage our services, you get many benefits
  • When it is time to service a car, our repair and maintenance team will get in touch with you.
  • While the service or repair is being conducted, you will receive ongoing support ranging from advice to arranging for specialist repairs.
  • Disruptions to your fleet are minimized and your vehicles are on the road as quickly as possible.
  • Our service technicians are highly trained and have years of experience. So rest assured knowing that your cars are in safe hands. All the instructions specified by the car manufacturer will be followed.
  • Coastwide Cars Service is a one stop shop for all car parts. We stock tyres from many international tyre manufacturers also.
  • Your fleet receives maintenance on time. We can get you the best prices on parts, accessories and windscreens, batteries and tyres.
  • We monitor the fleet, keeping track of when it is time to render a particular service on a particular car. We will be in constant touch with fleet managers and give them regular updates through email and mobile.
  • We can also provide mobile servicing. You do not have to get your vehicles to our facility, rather our technicians will come to you.
  • Your fleet receives the best possible care, at affordable rates. With minimum downtime, your vehicles will be up and running in no time.
  • Other benefits are itemised reporting, fixed price servicing and extensive warranties.

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