Car Servicing

What are the three things you should look for in a car service centre? Take a guess. We will answer it for you. The three things are integrity, competence and trust. You will find these three qualities at Coastwide Cars.

Why is car servicing important?

A car is a complex piece of machinery. Like all high value machines, a car should also undergo regular checks and servicing. Servicing your car at regular intervals ensures that your car maintains its road worthiness.
Some car parts are expensive. With regular servicing, costly repairs can be avoided. You also add years to the life of your car. If you ever decide to sell your car in the future, a well maintained car is more likely to hold value than one that isn’t.

Why Coastwide Cars?

Coastwide Cars Service is the preferred choice for vehicle owners who want to invest in reliable, affordable and quality car services. We use only the best quality car parts and lubricants. What we do is nothing short of retrofitting. Only qualified technicians with years of service will service your car.

What services do we provide?

We have a range of car services that will fit all budgets. Here are a few details about our car services.

Log book service

As authorised car service providers we undertake log book servicing also. If you’re the owner of a new car or if your car is still under New Car Warranty, we can help you. We will make ensure that your log book is always up-to date and current.
Once we complete a service, we will stamp the log book with our seal. This is a guarantee that the car was serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The warranty on the vehicle is also upheld.
Our log book service charges depend on your car’s condition. Based on the type of vehicle and how many kilometres it has notched, we will give you a fixed quote.

Fixed price servicing

There are many unscrupulous service centres that will service your car and then stick you with an absurd bill. When this happens you have very few options and more often than not, you will end up paying more than what’s necessary.
One of the best things about Coastwide Cars is that we charge a fixed price. You can opt for the service you want and we will tell you how much it is going to cost you. You can choose between service plans according to your budget. Our prices are affordable and reasonable. There are no hidden costs and fees. Our services are also backed up by competitive warranties. Contact us for more details.

Essential servicing

An essential service or an interim service is a service that is undertaken out of schedule. If you have done a lot of travelling in your car recently, an interim service may be necessary to maintain reliability and safety.

What is included in our essential service?

Before the service, Coastwide Cars undertakes 40 Safety Point checks on your car. For the service, you can choose from one of our service packages. Here are some basic services that are included.

  • Oil Change
  • Replacement of the oil filter
  • Brake fluid top ups
  • Battery Checks
  • Other car fluid top ups
  • Brake Inspection
  • Tyre Inspection
  • Suspension Check

The 40 Point Safety Check

Before we start servicing any car, we perform 40 Safety Point checks. This comprehensive check helps us learn more about your vehicle.
Our processes are transparent and we are committed to your safety. The purpose of the 40 point safety check is to find potential problems. The checks will also help you understand what kind of service you can expect from us.
The 40 point safety check covers factors that might affect the safety and integrity of your car. It helps us estimate how healthy your car is and we will make you aware of any potential problems. The best thing is, the 40 Point Safety Check is free and it is included with every service.
A brief list of what is included in the 40 Point Safety Check.

  • Fan belt and exhaust check
  • Tyre pressure and tread check
  • Battery check and charging system check
  • Lights, wipers and windscreen check
  • Steering and brakes check
  • Transmission fluid and coolant check
  • Driveline and suspension check
  • Road test – Differential, clutch, transmission, car body report and engine check

What other car services do we provide?

Clutch repairs

Signs that your clutch needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • Changing gears has become difficult
  • The car won’t accelerate
  • Engine revolutions are climbing, but there is no increase in speed

Engine repairs

An engine looks tough, but it quite delicate from the inside. It is no surprise then that the most common car troubles can be traced to the engine. Here are some things that could go wrong with the engine.

  • The engine might be receiving a bad mix of fuel
  • The fuel mix is not compressing properly
  • The spark plug is has gone dead or is not working properly

We can undertake all major and minor engine repairs.


Problems with the transmission:

  • The transmission solenoid is damaged
  • The torque converter is damaged
  • Transmission fluid levels are low or fluid is leaking

We can make all types of repairs and adjustments on transmission systems.


Things that could wrong with the suspension:

  • The shock absorbers are damaged
  • There are excess bounce or the car sways
  • The suspension springs or ball joints are worn out

We will inspect and if needed repair or replace suspension components.

Brake repairs

Brakes are crucial parts and faulty brakes can lead to accidents. Here are some problems that could develop with the brakes:

  • The brakes are greased or oiled
  • The breaks get overheated quickly
  • The brake pads are worn
  • Brake fluid is leaking
  • We can test the brakes and if needed repair or replace them.


    A car that shudders while driving indicates an issue with the driveline. The problem could be a damaged centre bearing or a loose U-joint. If your car makes squeaking noises when you are driving, that could also be a driveline issue. We can take care of these issues for you.
    Air and fuel filters
    Over time fuel injectors will get covered with carbon. The fuel filter or air filter may be clogged. The fuel system may need an oil or grease change. We will also tune up the entire engine if needed.

    Cooling system

    The car’s cooling system removes heat from the engine. The heat is produced due to engine friction. Motor oils will lubricate the parts and decrease some of this heat but it is not enough. Therefore a cooling system is necessary.

    • The coolant level might be low
    • Hoses and water pumps might be leaking
    • The radiator might have problems

    We can fix cooling system issues also.

    CV joints

    There are two types of CV or constant velocity joints- Inner CV joints and outer CV joints. The inner CV joints connect drive shafts with the transmission. The outer CV joints connect drive shafts to drive wheels.
    Sometimes the CV joints will wear down. The grease will leak, allowing dirt and moisture to come in. This is usually because the protective boot or the joint is damaged. At Coastwide Cars, we will inspect the protective boot and the joints every time you bring the car in for an oil change.
    Coastwide Cars will ensure that your car remains in top shape and delivers peak performance. To know more about our car services, call us at (02) 4351 0180 or click here, send us your details and we will call you to confirm. We look forward to assisting you.

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